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"I’m a 28-year-old law graduate living in Finsbury Park. The LIFT programme has transformed my life, helping me to overcome obstacles and achieve my goals. 

Finding work in the legal field was difficult after the pandemic, but I refused to let despair determine my path. When I learned about the LIFT programme, I signed up for their bootstrap project. It changed my career goals: I decided I wanted to work in the start-up industry and develop my parking software concept. The project gave me the resources and support I needed to do that, which gave me hope for the future. 

I now work as a programme manager at Business Launchpad, thanks to the LIFT programme's consistent support. Here, I help other entrepreneurs, while pursuing my own entrepreneurial goals. Using the knowledge I gained during my time at LIFT, I encourage marginalised young people to start and grow their own enterprises. 

For anyone who wants to follow in my footsteps, my advice is to actively participate in workshops, make connections with people you can collaborate with, and keep up the communication. These factors are critical for making the most of the LIFT programme – and for personal growth."