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What is the programme?

LIFT is a three year programme across Camden, Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets that aims to help residents into good local jobs in the knowledge economy including tech, digital, sciences, and creative production, and to support businesses and start-ups in these sectors.

Our vision is to inspire and empower our local communities and build a lifetime of opportunities for our residents and generations to come.

Building a gateway into our local knowledge economy

The knowledge economy is fueled by ideas, research, and technological change, with businesses that are highly innovative and often begin as small start-ups.

Throughout this programme we will deliver workshops and training courses to give local people the knowledge, skills and expertise they need to find a job or start their own business.

We will work with businesses such as those in Tech Nation, Med City, the Knowledge Quarter and Brewery Road’s creative production industries to connect them with local communities and ensure residents have access to job and business opportunities.

To help us achieve our goal, we are working in collaboration with the not-for-profit start-up facilitator Capital Enterprise, who have supported over 3,500 small and medium-sized enterprises and created nearly 7,000 jobs in new start-ups since 2014.

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