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Before I was awarded membership to Town Sq, I was having to work from home, cafés and (mostly) from our kitchens. I run a food business, so spend a chunk of my week on-site in our production units. That meant Zoom calls, emails and strategy meetings with the backdrop and backing track of commercial ovens and fridges – not ideal!  

Before LIFT awarded me the co-working membership, my productivity and ability to focus on deep, strategic work was always compromised. It’s only since I’ve been working at Town Sq that I’ve noticed what I was missing: a quiet space to think, a Central London postcode to associate with my business, and an awesome network to tap in to. 

I’ve loved the feeling of being a part of an exciting community of founders, freelancers and start-up employees. It’s benefitted my business: I’ve found photographers, designers, mentors, and new customers. 

I’d like to get my business in a position where I can continue my membership of Town Sq, as a paid member. The growth in our brand and in profitability means I am well on the way to achieving this.