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Digital Marketers work with numerous teams including creative, video and software developers and they have to be well organised, stay up to date with trends and new products and be keen on social media channels. Their work also involves reviewing data and analytics to ensure their work has a wide reach. Experience the journey of a Digital Marketer and explore further career information below.    

What do Digital Marketers do? 

Digital marketers are responsible for promoting products, services, or brands through online channels. Their main objective is to reach and engage with target audiences to drive customer acquisition, brand awareness, and sales. Digital marketing is important because it helps brands (big or small) reach a wider or more specific audience and spread the word about their service. Other job titles that this encompasses include: social media editor, content producer, etc   

Soft skills:  

  • Creativity  
  • Multitasking  
  • Adaptability   
  • Collaboration  
  • Persuasion   
  • Good communication  

Hard skills:  

  • Writing & copywriting  
  • Content marketing  
  • SEO  
  • Data gathering and analytics  
  • An understanding of social media platforms   
  • Social media advertising  

Typical progression pathway  

In digital marketing, professionals often begin as interns or assistants, gaining exposure to different aspects of the field and learning the basics. From there, they move into specialist or coordinator roles, focusing on specific areas like social media or SEO. With experience, they can move into managerial positions, overseeing digital marketing efforts, developing strategies, and managing budgets. Some professionals choose to start their own agencies or work as freelancers, providing specialised services. 

Routes into a career into Digital Marketing 

  • Degree in - Communication, Marketing, Business (with Marketing emphasis), Public Relations, Graphic Design, IT, Web Development or Design, Psychology  
  • Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing or courses related to hard skills  
  • Digital Marketing Bootcamp or courses 
  • We Are Group Digital Marketing Bootcamp 
  • Google Digital Marketing Certificate
  • The Skills Network Digital Marketing Bootcamp 
  • LIFT Digital Marketing School Mini-Course

Salary expectations 

The average starting salary of a digital marketing role is £25,500 per annum in the UK, with those with 5+ years of experience making up to £47,500 per year.  

Top industries to explore:  

  • Technology  
  • E-commerce and retail  
  • Financial services  
  • Travel and tourism  
  • Media and entertainment