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Content Producers work with multiple teams to inspire, inform and entertain, building a strong connection between brands and their followers. Experience the journey of a content producer in this interview with Islington resident Samira Ahmed as part of our ‘Local Insiders: Digital Jobs’ video series made in collaboration with Good Growth Hub.

What do Content Producers do? 

Content Producers are the creative minds behind engaging articles, videos and podcasts that capture the attention of audiences. They contribute to the strategic planning and execution of content campaigns that align with organisational goals and target audience interests. With each piece of content, content producers have the power to inspire, inform and entertain, building a strong connection between brands and their followers.   

Soft skills

  • Creativity   
  • Storytelling   
  • Relatability   
  • Collaboration   
  • Time management   
  • Innovation    
  • Communication   

Hard skills 

  • Writing    
  • Video Production    
  • Audio & Video Editing   
  • Graphic Design    
  • Photography    
  • Social Media Management    

Typical progression pathway  

Content producers often begin their careers in entry-level positions like Junior Content Producers or Content Assistants. In these roles, they assist senior content producers, learn content creation fundamentals, and gain practical experience.   

As they develop foundational skills, junior content producers can progress to more senior roles such as Content Producer or Lead Content Producer. They take on greater responsibility, managing projects and making independent decisions.

However, there's no fixed career path in this field. Some individuals start by creating their own content and self-teaching their way to senior positions or freelance roles. Continuous learning, staying updated with industry trends, and expanding skills can help you climb the ladder in the field of content production.   

Routes into a career in Content Production 

  • Degree – Communication, Media Studies, Journalism, Marketing, Creative Writing, English Literature  
  • Apprenticeship as a Junior Content Producer  
  • Entry level internship or programme 
  • Experience developing content (self taught) 
  • Content creation courses and training from A New Direction 
  • Content creation courses from Capital City College group 
  • Film London Equal Access Network 

Salary expectations 

The average starting salary for a Junior Content Producer in London is £25K per year. Mid-weight content producers can expect to earn £35,347 per year, with those at the higher end of the spectrum earning £48K.  *Figures from Glassdoor, 2023  

Top industries to explore: 

  • Technology 
  • E-commerce and retail  
  • Financial services 
  • Travel and tourism  
  • Media and entertainment