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Rostrum is a leading London agency who provide PR, content marketing, social media and influencer marketing to their clients. Rostrum specialises in working with financial services companies, corporate and consumer brands as well as professional services firms. Their clients include global brands, fast-growing start-ups and midmarket companies. 

Rostrum were looking to connect local people with entry level careers into PR and communications roles, and worked with LIFT to create a three month internship and insight sessions for people without degrees to learn about routes into the industry. 

They recently hired a Camden resident who is now developing their skills and working towards their next steps. 

“It's heartening to see that more and more businesses are realising the benefits of having a more diverse workforce. Organisations like LIFT are helping to level the playing field for candidates that have long been under-represented in public relations and similar sectors - and businesses are benefitting as a result. It's a win-win outcome for all concerned.”

Michael Kahn, Chief of Staff