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Apply for street works highway licence

To place a temporary obstruction on a public highway or anywhere else you don’t own, you’ll need to apply for a licence.

You need a licence for any temporary obstruction on the public highway, include scaffolding, gantries, hoardings and building materials. If a structure is located on the highway without the relevant permission, you will be charged a non-compliance fee in addition to a licence management fee.

If you want to put an obstruction on a red route (such as Holloway Road, Upper Street and City Road), you must apply for permission from Transport for London (TfL)

If you have any questions, get in touch:

Apply for a street works licence

You can apply for licences online. For refund requests, download and complete the form under 'Useful documents' on this page.

  • Building materials

    For permission to place building materials on the highway, you must apply for a licence.

  • Containers

    To place a container on the highway, you need to apply for a license.

  • Crane

    A crane licence permits a mobile crane or aerial platform to operate on the public highway.

  • Highways occupation

    A highways occupation licence gives you permission to occupy the highway.

  • Hoarding

    Apply for permission to place hoarding on the highway.

  • Licence extensions

    If you wish to extend your street works licence, you must apply for an extension and pay a fee.

  • Pit lanes

    A pit lane licence permits loading vehicles to stop on the highway to load or unload.

  • Road closures

    Apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order required for road closures

  • Scaffolding or gantry

    To place scaffolding or gantry on a public highway or anywhere else you don’t own, you’ll need to apply for a license.

  • Section 50 excavations

    You must apply for permission to excavate or open a footway or carriageway to carry out works on the highway.

  • Vehicle crossovers

    To install a temporary vehicle crossover, you must apply for a licence.

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