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Composting at home

What is compost?

  • Compost is a rich, dark soil-like material you can produce by mixing together natural produce such as unwanted garden material and organic kitchen waste. 

  • It acts a s a naturel fertiliser and is full of nutrients to use on your garden.

Why compost?

  • Collecting and disposing of food and garden waste as rubbish is expensive and time consuming.

  • Greenhouse gases such as methane are produced if food and garden waste are compressed without air in a landfill.

  • Composting at home, where air can reach your food and garden waste as it breaks down, significantly minimises the amount of methane produced.

The council offers a subsidy for compost bins and wormeries. Visit Get Composting website for more information.

How to compost

Follow this link for a home composting step by step guide.

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