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View or comment on a planning application

Updated planning application system

In April 2024, we changed our planning application system. If you have saved or bookmarked an old link, use the button below and replace your bookmark with this link.

Search planning applications

Online search options

You’ll see three main search options

  • application number (most accurate)
  • address
  • date

Address search advice

Address search uses the property’s registered address.

The registered address may have changed over time, like flat numbers.

If you can’t find 1a Andrew Street you could try 1 Andrew Street. 

For a wider search

Try using site address. For example if you put in the word ‘Andrew’ you’ll see all addresses with that word in.

How to comment

Once you have selected the application you want to comment on, click on 'comment on this application'.

To view comments, email with details of the application.

Planning records before 1 December 2005

Hard copies are available and will need time to be retrieved form storage. This is a free service.


Useful documents

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