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Pay for short stay parking

Pay for short stay parking using your mobile phone or PayPoint shop.

There are almost 6,500 short stay parking bays in Islington. To use the map, select:

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Anyone can pay to park in these bays using RingGo app, or Paypoint shops. You will need your debit or credit card details and your vehicle registration number to do this.

Pay for your short stay by phone

  • Pay by phone parking is available at every short stay parking bay in Islington; Sobell Leisure Centre and Sonderburg car parks are included.
  • You will need the parking location number shown on the bay sign and will need to enter the number of minutes you want to park for.
  • Pay by phone or sign up for the RingGo service and use their smartphone app. 
  • You will need your debit card details and your vehicle registration number to do this.
  • You can then use your phone to top-up without returning to your car.
  • You can opt in to receive a reminder text message letting you know when your parking time is about to end. 
  • If you don’t have a smart phone you can call 020 7125 0039 to pay for your parking.

Throughout the borough drivers can pay for short stay parking via RingGo or at Paypoint shops with cash.

  • To find the nearest Paypoint shop text ‘shop’ and the 5 digit location number to 81025.

Restrictions and costs

From April 2022, the cost of parking in a short stay bay varies between £2.50 to £6.35 depending on the location. Use RingGo to check prices.

  • For more information, visit our terms and conditions page for short stay parking 

  • Short stay bays may be suspended for highways works, special events or other reasons. You must therefore check the sign each time you park. Even if payment has been made, any vehicle parked in a suspended bay is liable to receive a parking ticket and may also be removed.

  • Blue Badge holders can park in short stay parking bays for an unlimited time.

Electric Vehicles in short stay parking bays

As part of our commitment to a net zero carbon strategy, we continue to incentivize the use of electric vehicles. In line with this, from April 2021 electric vehicles can now use short stay paid for parking facilities at the reduced rate of 20p. Simply select the time period you wish to park for and the system will charge you the concessionary rate. Maximum stay and the 'no return within one hour' rules still apply (check signs).

Petrol Surcharge on short stay parking

From April 2021, in line with the council’s net zero carbon aims, petrol and petrol hybrid vehicles will be subject to a surcharge on top of the standard tariff. The surcharge will vary with the CO2 emissions produced by your vehicle, the higher the emissions and higher the fuel surcharge. From April 2022, the surcharge will increase by between 5p and 15p per hour depending on the CO2 emissions.

Petrol fuel surcharge Surcharge per hour 
1-185g/km CO2 £1.05
186-225g/km CO2 £2.10
Over 226g/km CO2 £3.15

Diesel Surcharge on short stay parking

From April 2022, the current diesel fuel surcharge of £5 per hour will increase to £5.10 per hour. This will apply to all diesel vehicles paying for short stay parking in Islington. This is to help reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality in Islington. Find out more on diesel surcharge.

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