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Private rented accommodation

Find out about private rented housing in Islington including what your rights are as a tenant, landlord obligations and what to do if you need help with your living situation.

If you rent your home privately your landlord, or their agent, has legal responsibilities to manage your tenancy fairly and to keep your home up to a decent standard. You have rights and responsibilities too.

We want to make sure that people renting privately in Islington understand their legal rights and know what to look out for. The Government’s publication 'How to rent' is a useful guide on when finding a home to rent.

Our Private Rented Sector Charter sets out our commitment to stand alongside private renters and work with private landlords to maintain and improve standards.

Budgeting for your rent

Islington is a popular place to rent so there is very high demand for rented properties. Around 26% of all housing in Islington is privately rented – around 27,000 households.

Don't forget to factor in what all your costs will be - for example, a deposit, regular rent payments and any letting agent fees. Remember to check the property and the area thoroughly before agreeing to anything.

You can check the Mayor of London’s London rent map to find out what you can rent for your budget. The website explains how to search the map. 

Protection for tenants

By law, all landlords (who own a rented property) have to make sure their properties meet certain standards. The council can help to make sure landlords keep their properties to an acceptable standard.

Many landlords are accredited under the London Landlord Accreditation scheme, which isn't a guarantee but may be an indication of a commitment to good practices.

There are also laws which cover estate agents who deal with rental properties – which include protecting deposits and being clear and transparent about their fees. They also have to be a part of a redress scheme. This means that tenants can go to an independent organisation to look into any complaint a tenant may have about an agent.  

When searching for a property, look out for lettings agents that are part of:

They comply with industry codes of practice including protecting your money and insurance issues.