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Apply for a special repayment plan

If you have received a summons or a Liability Order we might be able to agree a special repayment plan to help you spread the cost of your debt.


Who can apply

You can apply online for a repayment plan if either of these apply to you: 

  • You have received a summons but cannot pay it in full.
  • A Liability Order has been made against you and you want to make an arrangement to clear the debt.

Who cannot apply

You are not eligible for a repayment plan if you leave it too late and are contacted by an Enforcement Agent (or bailiff). In this case, you will need to repay them what you owe.

If you had a repayment plan in place for a previous year’s bill and you missed any repayments then we will be less likely to agree to a new plan. If this is the case you can call 020 7527 2633 to discuss your account.

Apply online for a repayment plan

If you meet the eligibility criteria, apply online now.

Please have your summons/liability order, or your council tax number ready. Where you can find this

Apply now

What happens next

We will take into account details of your current employment and income status and you can expect a decision by email or letter within ten working days.

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