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Ultra low emission streets

Together with Hackney Council, we are launching a cross-borough zone in the City Fringe that, during peak hours, will be restricted to walking, cycling and low emissions vehicles only (vehicles that emit less than 75g/km of CO2). Petrol, diesel and older hybrid vehicles will not be permitted on the streets during these hours.

This zone, known as ultra low emissions streets, or ULEV streets, will prioritise low pollution transport, reducing the harmful effects of pollution in the City Fringe during commuting hours, making it easier and safer to walk and cycle and improving the character of the area for residents and businesses.

To minimise the disruption to residents and businesses, access to the streets will be maintained outside peak hours.

From Monday 3 September 2018, ULEV streets will be in operation Monday to Friday, 7-10am and 4-7pm.

The ultra low emission streets zones

  • ULEV streets zone 1 - Tabernacle Street, Cowper Street, Singer Street Paul Street, Willow Street, Ravey Street and Blackall Street
  • ULEV streets zone 2 - Charlotte Road and Rivington Street (Hackney)

Maps of the two zones can be found on the Hackney ULEV website.

Do I need to apply for an exemption?

Existing on-street parking permit holders are exempt

Your vehicle will automatically be added to our list of exempted vehicles and you won't need to apply for an exemption. If you change your vehicle, it's your responsibility to tell us and register a new number plate for the exemption.

If you park off-street or have a motorbike you need to apply for an exemption

You don't need to apply for a parking permit, but you will need to apply free of charge for an exemption for the vehicles registered at your address. This will allow you to drive in the ULEV streets zone when it's closed to other traffic.


Islington and Hackney are working jointly on ULEZ streets. To apply, email, stating your name and the location of your on or off-street parking. This is for both Hackney and Islington residents.


Are the ultra low emission streets related to the ultra low emissions zone (ULEZ)?

Ultra low emissions streets, or ULEV Streets, are an Islington-led scheme which differ from the ULEZ, which is a London-wide scheme led by TfL.

The ultra low emissions streets in Bunhill will only permit ultra low emission vehicles, which are vehicles that emit less than 75g/km C02.

View information about TfL’s London-wide ultra low emissions zone.

From April 2019, the ULEZ will cover part of the ultra low emission streets however the different requirements will still be enforced.

How can I get deliveries or cabs from my business or residence?

Residents and businesses in the City Fringe area in Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets are eligible for a discount card that gives special offers on low emission cabs and delivery services through the Zero Emissions Network (ZEN). Sign up for free and receive a ZENCARD to access the offers, which includes:

  • 2 free deliveries up to the value of £50 and 15% off all deliveries after with Pedivan Deliver
  • up to 12% off ultra low emission cab rides with Green Tomato
  • a 10% discount on your first order with Pedals Delivery when you quote ZEN
  • swap a car for a cargo bike with Pedal Me and get 20% off cab rides and deliveries
  • get 15% off your first electric vehicle delivery with Spark Move when you quote ZEN

Residents and businesses can also trial cargo bikes or electric cars, vans or bikes for free for up to 2 weeks through the Zero Emissions Network.

How will it be enforced?

There are signs at the entrances to the streets to inform drivers of the restrictions.

If you enter the street during the operating times in a petrol, diesel or older hybrid vehicle you haven't registered for an exemption, your vehicle will be identified by camera and you'll be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

What is an ultra low emission vehicle (ULEV)?

ULEVs are vehicles that emit less than 75g/km C02. This includes all electric and hydrogen vehicles and some of the cleanest, least polluting, hybrid vehicles.
To check if your vehicle is considered a ULEV, please use the search tool on Transport for London's (TfL) website

What will happen to vehicles already parked in the ultra low emissions streets?

All vehicles already parked in the zones before the times of operation will be able to leave without receiving a fixed penalty notice.

Who is exempted from the scheme?

Types of traffic exempted from the scheme:

  • local residents and businesses with on-street car parking permits or an off-street parking space|
  • essential vehicles such as police or waste collection vehicles
  • blue badge holders who need to park at a property within the ULEV Streets Zone

Types of vehicles not exempted from the scheme:

  • delivery and service vehicles
  • visitor transport, taxis and private hire vehicles
  • construction traffic
  • general through-traffic

Who is funding this scheme?

The scheme is funded through the Mayor’s air quality fund (MAQF) and the go ultra low city scheme (GULCS).
The GULCS is a £13 million initiative to enable people to switch to ultra low emission vehicles. It is funded by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and is administered by London Councils and Transport for London.

Why are we introducing ULEV Streets?

Poor air quality causes the premature death of 10,000 Londoners per year. We are introducing ULEV streets to prioritise low pollution transport, and reduce the harmful effects of pollution, making it easier and safer to walk and cycle in Bunhill and improve the character of the area for residents and businesses.

Delivery vehicles make up around 50% of the polluting traffic in the City Fringe area, a major factor in the development of ULEV streets, which will help to support the shift to low emissions delivery vehicles in the area.

We recognise that our streets are not just places to park vehicles or drive, walk and cycle. They are also the places where we socialise, shop and live our lives. We are committed to making Islington’s roads safer for everyone living, working and visiting the borough, creating an environment that will encourage more walking and cycling, improve air quality and reduce emissions.

The ultra low emissions streets will reclaim the roads in Bunhill from parked vehicles and motor traffic congestion and transform them into attractive and liveable neighbourhoods.

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