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Moreland street

Improving Moreland Street for children and pedestrians

Our vision

Islington Council wants to improve Moreland Street for children and pedestrians. We want to provide a healthier, safer and greener environment for residents, visitors and, in particular, the children at Moreland Street primary school.

Our plan is to transform the street into an active area for the local community and provide a safe and comfortable space that children can enjoy. We believe that by creating a child friendly environment on Moreland Street would provide a better space for all generations.

We would like to make the street look nicer, widening the foot way to improve access for all users, reducing traffic speeds, upgrading street furniture and increasing the number of trees and plants. The most important improvement is by creating space away from car and vehicle traffic by giving pedestrians priority and allowing children to move about easily and safely.

We have worked with the community, the school and nursery and local ward councillors to develop our plans and have implemented the following key elements:

  • Narrowed the carriageway width to provide more space for children and reduce vehicle speeds
  • Realigned the road layout to reduce vehicle speeds
  • Raised the carriageway level on Moreland Street outside Moreland Primary School
  • Provided planters and seating area
  • Installed coloured street lighting columns and other street furniture
  • Installed coloured asphalt with bright designs on the carriageway adjacent to Moreland Primary School to make the area more child friendly and make drivers more aware they are entering an area where there may be a lot of children
  • Widened the footways to shorten pedestrian crossing distances and improve accessibility for all users. This resulted in a reduction of 7 parking bays
  • Introduced a Car Club Bay and an Electrical Vehicle charging bay on Moreland Street. There is a net loss of 5 parking bays
  • Resurfaced the footway and carriageway on Moreland Street

A consultation was undertake in June 2018, local residents, businesses and Moreland Primary School and nursery were consulted on the above proposals. The results of the consultation showed overwhelming support for the proposals with 84% of respondents supporting the scheme.

Completion of scheme 

The council has successfully transformed Moreland Street into a safer street for pedestrians and children. Councillor Claudia Webbe, ward councillors, the headteacher of Moreland Primary School and school children launched Moreland Street on Clean Air Day - 20 June 2019 with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

After the transformation, Moreland Street has reduced traffic and vehicle speeds making the street safer for the local community and children. The wider footways, coloured painted circles on the road, the new planters and additional seating have created a more comfortable space and environment for everyone using the street.

Award Winning Scheme

The Moreland Street Improvement Scheme has won a ModeShift Award in November 2019 in the Excellence in Walking category and is shortlisted for a London Transport Award in March 2020.

Further information

Should you require further information or have any comments on these proposals please email:

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