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Clinical waste collection service for residents

Find out more about our clinical waste collection service for Islington residents. We supply yellow clinical waste sacks or sharps containers (boxes used for needles) that can be collected as arranged by your GP or hospital.

Clinical waste is waste produced from healthcare and similar activities that may pose a risk of infection (for example swabs and bandages) or may prove hazardous (such as needles).

Using this service

This is a service that you must pay for and your GP or local hospital will need to have a contract in place with Islington Council to provide these services.

You need to make an application through your GP or local hospital. We cannot process requests direct from you. We will contact you once the service has been set up by the GP or local hospital.  

Collection times

Collections are made every Tuesday and Friday. Collection varies from twice weekly to monthly, depending on what you need.

Leaving clinical waste out for collection

  • Only use supplied yellow bags.
  • You must be tie or secure bags to prevent spills.
  • Bags must not be over three-quarters full.
  • Split bags will not be collected.
  • All clinical waste must be clearly identifiable and kept separate from other non-clinical waste.
  • All sharp objects must be placed in plastic sharps boxes.
  • Non-clinical waste items must not be put in clinical waste bags

To find out more information about this service, visit our business waste page.

Free sharps disposal

There are two free options for sharps disposal:

  • You should try to dispose of sharps with the primary health care or secondary health care service that first issued them.
  • If that is not possible, pharmacies that provide needle exchanges will accept sharps for any condition, including diabetes. There is a list of these pharmacies below.

Needle exchange pharmacies

These pharmacies provide sharps collections for all conditions, including diabetes.

  • Clerkenwell Pharmacy, 51 Exmouth Market EC1R4QL
  • Apex Pharmacy, 199 Old Street EC1V9NP
  • Douglas Pharmacy, 4 Ritchie Street N10DG
  • Clockwork Pharmacy, 273 Caledonian Rd N11EF
  • Dermacia Pharmacy, 260 Upper St N12UQ
  • Apex Pharmacy, 204 Essex Rd N13AP
  • Savemain Pharmacy Ltd, 166 - 168 Essex Road N18LY
  • JC Wise Chemist, 518 Hornsey Rd N193QN
  • Well Pharmacy, Nov-13 Junction Rd N195QT
  • Arkle Pharmacy, 39 Junction Road N195QU
  • Apteka Chemist, 179 Seven Sisters Rd N43NS
  • Nuchem Pharmaceuticals Ltd, 159 Stroud Green Rd N43PZ
  • Highbury Pharmacy, 14 Highbury Park N52AB
  • Devs Chemist, 110 Seven Sisters Road N76AE
  • Avni Ltd t/a Wellcare Pharmacy, 552 Holloway Rd N76JP
  • Carters Chemist, 47 Roman Way N78XF
  • York Pharmacy, Unit4, 400 - 404 York Way N79LR

Please email if any of this information is incorrect.

Report needles and syringes on the street

Any syringes seen on the public highway should be reported as soon as possible.

You can report it in the following ways:

  • Download the Love Clean Streets app to your phone. From Google Play or the Apple store.

  • Log into your My Islington account. If you don’t have an account and want to track your reports and access more services like council tax, register now.

  • Report anonymously through the Love Clean Streets website. You won’t be able to track your report if you choose this option.


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