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New River Head

Planning brief for the New River Head and Claremont Square Reservoir

Public consultation on the draft planning brief for the New River Head took place between Monday 10 June 2013 and Monday 8 July 2013.  This provided the opportunity for interested parties to provide feedback on the draft planning brief.  Thank you to those that gave their views.   

The Council has amended the draft planning brief considering the feedback received, and the Executive adopted the planning brief at its meeting on 12 September 2013.  A copy of the adopted planning brief can be downloaded at the bottom of this webpage.  A Consultation Report summarising the consultation process, feedback from the consultation and the Council's response to key issues is also available for download below. 

If you would like further information about the planning brief please email or telephone 020 7527 2248.     


The New River Head is an area of great historic interest, having been in continuous use for the provision of fresh public water since the early 17th century.  The legacy of this engineering achievement is evidenced by the historic buildings and structures that still exist on the land bounded by Amwell Street, Hardwick Street, Arlington Way and Myddelton Passage (the site map can be downloaded at the bottom of this webpage).  Whilst most of these buildings have been converted to residential use, some parts of the site could potentially come forward for redevelopment.

A planning brief for the New River Head and Claremont Square Reservoir was adopted in September 1999.  Since the planning brief was adopted, various buildings on the New River Head site have been converted to residential use, and some new residential buildings have been constructed.  The remaining area of the New River Head that may change in the future is occupied by the historic Engine/Pump House, South Stores (boiler house and coal store), Windmill Base and North Stores.  It is this area (known as the ‘key site’ for the purpose of this planning brief – refer to site map below) that the Council expects will come forward for redevelopment in the future.

The Council has updated the planning brief to specifically address those parts of the site that have not yet been developed, reflect the current policy context, and restate the Council’s view on protecting and enhancing the historic significance of the New River Head.   

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