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Parking for disabled people and the Blue Badge scheme

How and where to park as a disabled person in Islington including applying for and renewing a Blue Badge, free resident permits and what to do if your Blue Badge is lost or stolen.

Who can apply for and use a Blue Badge

The Blue Badge scheme has been created to help people with severe mobility problems caused by visible and non-visible (hidden) disabilities that impair your ability to walk short distances to access goods and services. The Blue Badge scheme allows the badge holder to park close to their destination which otherwise may not be possible.

Blue Badges are not issued based on a diagnosis, a condition, or on a person’s ability to use public transport or ability to walk long distances. Further information around eligibility for the Blue Badge scheme can be found at

The council is responsible for administering the Blue Badge scheme and will decide if you are eligible for a Blue Badge. You will be required to provide medical information and reports to evidence any conditions or difficulties you have that impair your ability to walk short distances.

The supporting documents you provide must explain:

  • that you have severe difficulty walking short distances
  • have difficulties that are expected to last three years or more
  • that you experience these difficulties frequently and they persist on most days

Using a blue badge

The Blue Badge can only be used:

  • by the person who it is issued to
  • in any vehicle that that the Blue Badge holder is driving or is a passenger in

The Blue Badge cannot be used by another person other than the badge holder. If the Blue Badge is seen being used without the badge holder present, the badge may be taken away and the user prosecuted.

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