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Improvements to the website and search

We’ve made some improvements to our website to make it quicker and easier to find what you need when visiting. 

This is first in a series of improvements to online services, so we'd love to know what you think of these changes and whether they have helped you do what you needed to do today. We’ll use this feedback to continue to improve things in the future.   

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Estate parking

You can apply for an estate parking space or a garage on an Islington housing estate. Find out who can apply, how much it costs and how to apply.

You can apply to have access to a parking space or garage on an Islington Council housing estate. Estate parking means you will have your own numbered parking space on an estate.  

If your application is successful, you will pay weekly rent for exclusive use of the space. We also have a small number of car cages. 

Who can apply

Anyone can apply for estate parking. We give priority to estate residents, especially if you have a blue badge.

You can still apply if you aren't a resident of an Islington Council estate, and if you don’t live in Islington.


The cost of a parking permit on an estate depends on where you live and your vehicle emissions.

Use our estate parking cost calculator or view a table with estate parking costs.

If you are the holder of a blue badge issued by Islington Council, you are eligible for discounts on the parking space rent.

Apply for a space

Complete the online form to apply.

Apply now

If your application is successful

Estate parking permits are issued on paper. Once you have received your permit, you must display it in your vehicle. If you rent an estate parking bay we will also issue you with a visitor permit. This gives you the flexibility of allowing others to park in your space when they come to visit you.

Contact us

To ask about the availability of estate parking bays or garages

For enquiries about estate parking enforcement email

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