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Free resident permits for Blue Badge holders

Free resident parking e-permit for Blue Badge holders to help to deter theft.  

The Free Resident Parking permit is a residential parking permit offered without charge to Blue Badge holders. We offer this permit as a substitute to the Blue Badge to help prevent the theft.

Who can apply

Blue Badge holders that reside within the London Borough of Islington are entitled to apply for a Free Resident Parking Permit. The Blue Badge holder will be eligible for a permit only if the nominated vehicle is their main mode of transport and can provide evidence to prove the vehicle is registered to their home address.

A Free Resident Permit cannot be issued for a vehicle that is not registered to the Blue Badge holders address or not used to transport them.

Where you can park with a Free Resident Permit

The permit allows the holder to park in a Residents Parking Bay within your home Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). This permit is electronic, so you don't need to display anything in your car.

The Free Resident Permit only allows the holder to park within the following;

  • Resident Permit Holder Bays
  • Shared Use bays (parking bays shared by Resident Permit and Pay by Phone Bays)

The Free Resident Permit also allows you to park within the mentioned bays out of your controlled parking zone during the resident roamer hours from 11am to 3pm. On all other occasions you will need to display your blue badge.

If you do park in other parking bays or a restricted area without a valid exemption you will be liable to receiving a Penalty Charge Notice.

How do I apply for a Blue Badge exemption permit, renew or update my vehicle details

To apply for a Free Resident Permit or change vehicle details, please complete the online form.

Guidance on completing this application.

If you have moved somewhere else in Islington, please contact with your new address and proof of address such as a recent bill, council tax invoice or tenancy agreement. If you have moved out of Islington, please send written confirmation of your new address so we can cancel the permit.

For further information please call 020 7527 2000 or email

Blue Badge Protectors

In order to further assist in keeping your Blue Badge safe and prevent your vehicle being damaged, we recommend you purchase a  Blue Badge protector.

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