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Improvements to the website and search

We’ve made some improvements to our website to make it quicker and easier to find what you need when visiting. 

This is first in a series of improvements to online services, so we'd love to know what you think of these changes and whether they have helped you do what you needed to do today. We’ll use this feedback to continue to improve things in the future.   

Complete a short survey to let us know what you think – it should take no more than five minutes to complete. Thank you for your help. 

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We monitor and initiate improvements in the local environment through the assessment of air quality and contaminated land. We also respond to complaints of noise nuisance and work to create a pleasant soundscape across the borough.

  • Air Quality

    Air quality remains a serious issue for public health and while pollution levels in the borough are improving, cleaning up the air in Islington is a priority for the council

  • Other types of pollution

    Information on contaminated land, light, noise, odour and water pollution, and how you can report any concerns

  • Report anti-social behaviour

    Report anti-social behaviour