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Manage your council tax online to win

Switch to paperless billing or pay by direct debit and you will be automatically entered into our local prize draws where you can win up to £3,000.

How to enter

All you need to do is set up direct debit to pay your council tax, or switch to paperless billing. Once you have done that, you get automatically entered for prize draws throughout the year.

Increase your chances of winning by signing up to both. You will get two entries into the prize draws.

Once you have signed up, you don’t need to do anything else.

How much you can win

There are three prize draws per year. They take place on the last Friday of September, November and January. You can win £1,000 in September and November’s prize draws, and £3,000 in January.

So far, Islington residents have won a total of over £50,000 in our prize draws!

What happens if you win

If you’re one of the lucky winners, we’ll contact you by email (or post if we don’t have an email on your record). We will pay your prize to you by cheque.

Please note that if you owe us money for council tax, we credit your winnings to your account to clear any debt first. We will post the leftover amount to you.

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