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University Technical Colleges and Studio Schools

Before you apply

  1. Before you apply
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Before you apply

University Technical Colleges (UTCs) are set up by universities and business and specialise in one or two technical subjects. In years 10 and 11 they offer a similar GCSE curriculum to a typical secondary school, including English and Maths, as well as their specialist subject.

Studio schools are similar to UTCs in that they have employer involvement in the curriculum and focus on developing skills needed for employment, involving personal coaching and work experience. They have a similar curriculum to a typical secondary school.

If you live in Islington and would like to apply for a UTC or Studio School, then you will need to complete an online application on the e-Admissions website.

If your child receives an offer of a place at a UTC or Studio School, they will join the new school at the start of Year 10 in September. Your child must therefore continue to attend their current school for the remainder of Year 9. Please let the school know that your child will be moving on in Year 10, and provide details of the new school.

For more information, please contact the School Admissions team on 020 7527 5515.

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