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School admissions information

Find the admission criteria for each school in Islington - including Determined Admission Arrangements, cut-off distance maps and supplementary information forms - that are used to decide which children will be admitted when there are more applications than places available.

Determined Admission Arrangements 

Each school must publish the criteria they will use to decide which children are to be admitted when there are more applications than places available. The admission criteria must be formally agreed (determined) by the relevant admission authority on an annual basis by 28 February.

Islington Council is the admission authority for Islington’s community schools. The admission criteria for Islington community schools are determined by the council’s Executive.

The relevant governing body or trust is the admission authority for voluntary-aided, foundation, trust, free schools and academies, and determines the criteria for these schools. Contact the school directly to find out information about their admission criteria.

You can see a full list of the admission criteria for all schools in Islington or see information for a specific school on the school’s directory listing.

View 2025-26 admission criteria

Admissions criteria from past school years

Objections to, and referrals about, determined school admission arrangements

You can make an objection to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator (OSA) if you think that the admission arrangements of a maintained school or an academy do not comply with the School Admissions Code or other legislation relating to school admissions. Certain exceptions apply as set out in paragraph 3.3 of the School Admissions Code.

Deadline for objections

All admissions authorities must determine their admission arrangements by 28 February every year, even if they have not changed from previous years and a consultation has not been required. You have until 15 May to contact the adjudicator if you have an objection.
If you wish to make an objection complete the school admission arrangements objection form.

Cut-off distance maps

All admission criteria include ‘distance’ as a way of deciding which children are to be admitted to a school when there are more applications than places available.

The ‘cut-off’ distance refers to the distance of the last child admitted to the school under the ‘distance’ criterion.

Please note that ‘cut-off’ distances are given as a guide to help you assess the likelihood of being offered a place if there is a similar pattern of applications. Please bear in mind that ‘cut-off’ distances vary from year to year.

Past cut-off distance maps

Supplementary Information Forms (SIF)

Some admission authorities, including faith schools, also require applicants to complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) to enable some aspects of the admission criteria to be applied (e.g. church attendance).

Please note that you must complete the SIF in addition to the usual e-Admissions application form. The SIF on its own does not count as a valid application.

You can see a full list of SIFs for Islington schools, or go directly to the SIF for a specific school on the school’s directory listing.

If you have any questions, email or call 020 7527 5515.

Supplementary information forms 2025-26

Supplementary information forms 2024-25

Supplementary information forms 2023-24

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