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Business advice and charging policy

The description and terms of Islington Council's Trading Standards business advice and charging policy including how to request it and what we give advice on.

About this policy

This policy describes how we decide whether advice or ancillary services provided to a business by us will be subject to charge or provided at no cost. The policy also specifies what those charges will be.

Business advice is a discretionary service and we will only continue to provide it at no cost where it is directly linked to our enforcement activities. 

Where a business wants to seek advice from us, they have got three options:

Activities not subject to a charge

Where we give advice as a result of enforcement-generated activity, we will not charge. However, our advice will be limited to the extent that we deem appropriate, given the circumstances and may be subject to charge if additional or extended advice is requested by a business.

Activities subject to charge

Business advice and ancillary services 

Below is an indicative but not exhaustive list of what this includes.

  • Advice on Trading Standards matters that may impact on a business (including a review of all products/services for compliance with Trading Standards legislation).
  • Assessment of product labelling for compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Formal or informal analysis of goods.
  • Assessing new or revised terms and conditions for compliance.
  • Assessment of brochures, leaflets or websites for compliance.
  • Delivery of training and talks to businesses.
  • Site visits and inspections at the request of the business.
  • Attendance at special events to minimise the risk of illegal trading at the request of the event organisers.

Response times

All requests for business advice will be acknowledged or responded to within five working days of receipt. If the enquiry is complex or is likely to take time to respond to we will discuss and agree a timescale with the business and provide a written quotation for the work.

Fees and charging arrangements

We charge £75 per hour or part thereof. 

Before any advice work is undertaken by us, we will require an email to confirm:

  • the name of the legal entity that is to be invoiced for the advice, and
  • confirmation that the person requesting paid advice has authority to do so. 

How to request paid-for advice

Email with the information required under 'fees and charging arrangements' and outlining the query, so that we can be sure that it falls within our remit.


This policy will be reviewed periodically.

Terms of agreement

  • By requesting this service, you confirm that you have the authority to solicit the services on behalf of your business  
  • The charge is £75 per hour of part thereof
  • You agree to pay the charges associated with advice or services provided within twenty-eight (28) days of their provision.
  • In the event that you do not pay the outstanding amount within the time agreed, we may institute civil proceedings against you to recover the cost and future services under this scheme will not to be provided until the outstanding amount is settled in full. 
  • We (Islington Council) are subject to legal duties which may require the release of information under the Freedom of Information Act
  • We will use the information that you have supplied for the purposes of maintaining a record of the advice given and invoicing. The information will be retained for seven years. 
  • We enforce a variety of legislation. Our duty to investigate any allegations of breaches of legislation and the provision of advice under this scheme does not affect this duty in any way. 
  • The use of the services under this scheme does not entitle you to use any of our logos or claim any affiliation with Islington Council.
  • If you have any queries or are not satisfied with the quality of the services provided under the scheme, please contact the Trading Standard Manager in the first instance.

Further information

If you would like further information or have any queries about this scheme, please email

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