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Food premises registration

If you store, prepare, distribute or sell food on premises in Islington you must register with us at least 28 days before you start any food operations.


You have to register your food premises so that we know what businesses are operating in order for us to carry out environmental health inspections. 

The types of premises this registration applies to includes: 

  • restaurants 
  • cafes 
  • hotels 
  • shops
  • canteens
  • food market stalls
  • mobile catering vans
  • food delivery vans. 

You need to register if you are opening a new business or taking over an existing business.

Free registration 

Registration is free and can be done online, by post or by email.  You can begin trading once you have registered. 

You can register online via the GOV.UK website. 

Register online

If you can't register online please contact the duty officer on and you will be referred to an officer who will help you complete the online registration.

After you register

Once you have submitted your application form, your premises will be listed in our food premises register and you can begin trading. We will then decide the level of risk your food service represents. This will determine how often our environmental health officers need to visit your business to carry out inspections.

You also need to notify us if your business closes or if the food business operator changes by emailing

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