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Supporting our armed forces

Find out how we support members and ex-members of the Armed Forces.

Islington is home to the Honorary Artillery Company (the oldest military organisation in the UK), and to around 5,600 veterans ranging from World War II through to recent years.

We recognise the contribution made by current and ex-serving members of the armed forces. We work with the Islington Armed Forces Covenant to provide you with support which is outlined below. Please see our related information links at the bottom of the page which may be useful in your situation.

Islington Armed Forces Community Covenant

We support members of the Forces and their families moving into the borough with:

  • Concessions for war widows and those injured or disabled through serving in the Forces when we calculate entitlement to financial support such as housing benefit, council tax support and crisis grants

  • Exceptions to residency requirements for ex-Forces families wishing to apply for council housing, and additional points for war widows and injured or disabled ex-personnel

  • Help through our employment support programmes for ex-personnel who are struggling to find a job after leaving the services

Read the our commitment to the Islington Armed Forces Community Covenant.

The Islington Community Covenant aims to:

  • encourage local communities to support the armed forces community in their areas

  • nurture public understanding and awareness of issues affecting the armed forces community

  • recognise and remember the sacrifices faced by the armed forces community

  • encourage activities which help to integrate the armed forces community into local life

  • encourage the armed forces community to help and support the wider community, whether through participation in events and joint projects, or other forms of engagement

  • provide support for those with mental or physical health needs

This complements the national Armed Forces Covenant, which outlines the moral obligation between the nation, the government and the armed forces.

Covenant Grant Fund

The government provides £10m a year to UK-wide projects that support the priorities of local Armed Forces Community Covenants.

Applications can be submitted by charities, incorporated voluntary and community sector organisations and other local organisations.

Find out how to apply for funding from the Covenant Grant Fund.

Armed Forces Champion

Each year, we formally nominate one of our elected councillors to act as Armed Forces Champion, maintaining strong relationships with armed forces organisations in the borough, and working with them to identify and promote engagement activities.

The current Armed Forces Champion is councillor Marian Spall

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