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Cowcross street

Improving Cowcross Street (Western section between Farringdon road and Turnmill Street) for pedestrians

Our vision

Islington Council wants to improve Cowcross Street for pedestrians. We want to provide a healthier and greener environment for residents, visitors and, in particular, generate a safe and congestion free space outside the Farringdon Station entrances.

Our plans will transform the street into an active area for the local community and provide a safe and comfortable space for pedestrians using Farringdon station for their journeys.

After a long period of construction works in the area, including ThamesLink Farringdon Station upgrade and enchantments, and Elizabeth Lines’s Western Ticket Hall construction, Cowcross Street now needs the renovation it has been waiting for.

When the works are completed, the street will be no longer be accessible to vehicular traffic and its tarmac’ed surface will be replaced with York stone paving. With the help of the newly introduced trees, we aim to create a spacious and green environment for the public.

Please open the pdf below to some artist impressions of what the area will look like


Our proposal

We have worked with the community, interfacing projects like Crossrail and Thameslink and local ward councillors to develop our plans and the key elements are:

  • Pedestrianise the western part of Cowcross Street by introducing bollards at both ends
  • Paving Cowcross Street in granite and York stone slabs
  • Providing 4no. new semi-mature trees in 2 raised planters and integrated timber clad benches for seating
  • Improve street lighting by installing 3no. new lamp columns
  • other street furniture like; Legible London Monolith wayfinding, finger post signage, recycling and general waste bins

Cowcross street Proposal


What happens next

The works are scheduled to start in April 2019, and due to finish by October 2019. This will allow the work to be done in stages with the minimum disruption possible.

Further information

Should you require further information or have any comments on these proposals please email:

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