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Appeal against a Penalty Charge Notice

What you need to do if you disagree with a parking Penalty Charge Notice issued on a street in Islington.

Start your appeal

  1. Click the 'appeal a PCN' button.
  2. Put in your vehicle registration and PCN number.
  3. Click on the PCN you want to appeal.
  4. Go to the top of the page where it says 'Make a representation'
  5. Fill in the details and explain why you are appealing. Give as much detail as you can
  6. Submit your appeal.

You can upload supporting documents to the PCN portal as part of your appeal. Please give any evidence you feel may support your claim.

Appeal a PCN

If you cannot use a computer to upload documents to the PCN portal, you can appeal by post.

Postal appeals can be sent to:

Islington Parking Services
PO Box 2019
WR10 9BN

What happens next

If you submit an appeal in the portal or write to us we will put your case on hold until we have responded.

If you are unhappy with our decision

Please do not appeal or write to us again until a Notice to Owner or an Enforcement Notice has been issued to the registered keeper of the vehicle. This is sent 28 days or more after the date the ticket was issued.

Formal appeal

The Notice to Owner gives the keeper of the vehicle the opportunity to make a formal appeal. This can be made after any previous appeal. You may have to pay the original charge in full if you are unsuccessful.

Appeal to the adjudicator

If you make a formal appeal and it is unsuccessful, you can still make a further appeal to an independent Environment and Traffic Adjudicator (ETA). You will be sent an ETA form with the rejection letter should your formal appeal be unsuccessful.

The adjudicator is fully independent of the council and his or her decision is legally binding on both parties.

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