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Software developer apprentices typically spend around 80% of their time learning on the job, gaining valuable experience and working within the team and industry and working on real tasks. The other 20% of their time is spent attending lessons and lectures and completing coursework which supports them towards gaining a qualification. Software Development apprentices build advanced skills and technical understanding in coding languages as well as how to design, test and maintain software and web systems. Learn more about Georgia’s experience as a Software Development Apprentice with the Wellcome Trust.   

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What do Software Developers do?

A web/software developer is responsible for designing, building, and maintaining websites and software applications. They work with programming languages, frameworks, and tools to create functional and visually appealing web pages, web applications, and software solutions.

Soft skills: 

-  Problem solving 
-  Critical thinking
-  Attention to detail 
-  Patience
-  Time management 
-  Teamwork 

Hard skills: 

-  Computer literate
-  Proficient in programming languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, C#
-  Web development skills including HTML and CSS.
-  Awareness of best security practices 
-  Understanding of databases and data storage systems 
-  Able to test, debug and ensure software quality

Typical progression pathway 

Web/software developers often begin their careers as junior developers or interns, where they gain foundational knowledge and practical experience. As they become more skilled, they progress to mid-level positions, taking on larger projects and more responsibilities. 
Experienced developers may become technical consultants or experts in their field, providing guidance to clients or organisations. Some developers also choose entrepreneurship or freelancing, using their skills to develop custom solutions or software products. Continuous learning and staying up to date with emerging technologies are important for career advancement in this field.

Routes into a career in Software Developing

- Free Code Camp  

Code First Girls - free bootcamps for women

- Code Bar

-  Code Academy courses

Founders and Coders bootcamps and apprenticeships

-  01 Founders - free London coding bootcamp

-  School of Code - free software bootcamps

- Just IT Software Developer Bootcamp

-  Degree in Computer Science, IT or software related

Salary expectations

The average salary for a Web Software Developer in London is between £28K - £45K per year dependant on experience. Senior Web Developers can expect to earn anywhere between £41K - £59K per year *Figures from Glassdoor

Top industries to explore:

-  Business/IT services
-  E-Commerce and Retail 
-  Healthcare
-  Government and defence
-  Banking/Financial Services

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