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Employment support

We offer an eight-week course that provides first-hand knowledge of the start-up ecosystem (people, organisations and other similar start-ups) and prepares them for employment in the tech sector. This is achieved through workshops and mentoring with the OneTech network delivered in three stages:

  • Stage 1: workshops that explore various possibilities that a career in a start-up offers, along with practical tools of the trade that can be used for project management, marketing and validation of ideas.
  • Stage 2: introduces students to start-ups and develops soft skills through real-life projects set by businesses.
  • Stage 3: focuses on interview training, job hunting workshops and CV writing support.

Participants are offered follow-on support, including access to internship opportunities created through our network of tech and digitally enabled start-ups.

"I gained a tremendous amount of insight into the Tech industry. I learnt more about the business side and gained skills in customer relationship management, social media scheduling, graphic designing software and more. This was a great opportunity and I'm grateful to have participated."

Business support

Our OneTech Survive and Pivot business support programme has been designed to help local businesses embrace digital transformation and become more resilient to the pressures posed by Covid-19.

This consists of a series of masterclasses that guide participants through the process of pivoting their traditional business in a more digital direction, including sessions on redefining proposition values, delivering digital products, marketing and finance.

"Working in groups with such talented business people was inspiring and the course leaders were friendly and highly knowledgeable. The course helped me to push forward with my business plan and I have now developed the ideas and tools to not just survive, but to thrive."